Crazy how people see America as the best country in the world. We were, but not anymore.


fuck w ya boi


I’m so persistent
I’m never wishin, makin missions
In the kitchen with the dishes
Watch me switch up my position
From recruit to general
You in cahoots with federals
So I don’t fuck with you but dawg I’m fuckin with the edibles
My weed so incredible
So when I speak it’s off the peek of my inner retinal
That means I’m seein thru your lies
These devils preach and when they speak it’s always televised
I’m tryna reach what’s out of reach I’m beamin for the skies
Now what’s that meanin to these guys?
You thinkin NASA? I’m thinkin past ya
Can never be by the words of a pastor
I’ve been around to the corners where them realists will blast ya
At last sir, I’m alone but surrounded by factors
We addin steps that subtract ya
Step on the crack and I’ll snap ya
Intercept reflects of the past and then forget when they ask ya

Just think.

The world will know peace.